Cloudflare Bandwidth Analysis

Hi Everyone!

Can you pls help me if there is a way on cloudflare dashboard to find out what is the bandwidth utilization regarding to subdomain/URL? I need to find out which one is using the bandwidth most.


Hi! You can do this with Logflare!!

After you set it up. you should see metadata.response.headers.content_length in your logs. You can then Explore that in Google Data Studio. As request/response headers are all sent to us as strings you’ll have to use Data Studio to force it into an integer. Once this is setup you’ll be able to chart this over time and generate a table of your top urls sorted by bandwidth. The sum of all these data won’t be exactly what you see in your Cloudflare dashboard because the content-length header is only on responses with bodies but it should be a decent enough proxy for what I assume you’re trying to do.

Hi Chasers,

Thanks a lot for the tip. Good idea.
Currently I have deployed a CF dashboard to datadog.
Many useful information, but not exactly what I need.


Like so…