Cloudflare ban my own app and VPN IP

HI all,

About 20 hours ago, all of a sudden I began receiving 522 error codes. My app requests my API at least 100 times a second. I believe these error codes are incorrect and was actually cloudflare (or my provider??) denying further requests. I believe my app’s IP was banned from cloudflare when that app was accessing my api (which is proxied through cloudflare). I also used a VPN to test during the same time, and it shortly got banned too.

I hopped on other servers and performed curl requests against my API. It was successful, only except for my VPN and my app (separate IPs and devices).

I disabled the cloudflare proxy for my api, and I was able to perform curl requests against my api on my vpn and on my server.

About 15 hours later I was then able to receive access to my API through my app on the one server. My VPN was also able to send and receive requests.

So it seems that it goes like this:

  • server requests api -> cloudfare website -> dies (fails; never reaches app)
  • any other server requests api -> cloudflare website -> app (success)

Has anyone experienced this with Cloudflare?
Does this sound familiar to any of you if even not Cloudflare related?

And to make it clear, I disabled Cloudflare as a test and stress tested it against normal http like ip:port. My API is able to handle well over thousands of requests per second.

It sounds like rate limiting…except that it’s just your one IP address.

Have you tried adding that IP address to Firewall -> Tools as an Allow?

I’ll give this a shot. Is there a particular rule you recommend or approach to take with the rules (combinations)?

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