Cloudflare + AWS route 53 combined to handle records



I bought my domain from Godaddy,

I use cloudflare for most of my services, so i added the nameserver to my godaddy domain configuration.

So lets say I have

as CNAME records pointed to my AWS Load balancer.

However, I want to use to be on route 53, specifically for its geolocation routing and latency routing, But I want to have my remaining 2 services to be on cloudflare

Now When I added amazon route53 name servers to my godaddy account. A bunch of my services that was registered on cloudflare started to go down and become unreachable.

I removed those nameserver entries from godaddy, and everything works again.

Now my questions is.

Why did this happen?

If I add nameserver from route53, does it have to be a duplicate of all of the services on cloudflare for it to work?


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