Cloudflare AWS EC2 522 connection timed out

Cloudflare AWS EC2 522 connection timed out

Hi im using Cloudflare + AWS EC2 for a month, it was no problem, but this morning it suddenly Cloudflare 522 connection time out. May i know anyone face this problem before?

Same problem for my domains on Cloudflare + AWS EC2,if i paus cloudflare sites work again.
Sites has been working for longer than a month and problem started about 14 hours ago when uptimerobot warned that site was down.
Error 522 Ray ID: 674f6a9a6e2cdac0 • 2021-07-26 17:41:01
intermittent problem during the whole day today.

@knivenkd & @69group,

Are you still having this issue?

No it works fine now

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