Cloudflare & AWS Amplify DNS Issues

I am having issues with my DNS - I am using AWS Amplify to serve my website, and they don’t provide an IP address, so I can set an A record. They are asking me to set an ANAME record, but you don’t support that so I am adding a CNAME record to my root and relying on your flattening process. However, as it’s a CNAME, AWS amplify can’t verify my site which means that I lose the dynamic domain name they use and then my site won’t work. Have you come across this issue before? I am also speaking to AWS Support to see if there’s a solution.

This might be related, but my flattened CNAME is also not propagating:

A record mostly is though:

There is no CNAME record published when flattening is used. CNAME flattening publishes the A and AAAA records of the canonical name using the label you entered as the alias.

It is not permissible to have a CNAME at the same label as other types of records. This is why you cannot have a CNAME at the root.

Your screenshots aren’t referencing the root, however. They show a www hostname. If you created this as a CNAME, but instead are seeing A and AAAA records, that is because you have the Cloudflare proxy enabled :orange:. Proxied CNAMEs are published as A and AAAA records of Cloudflare IPs. If you need a CNAME for validation with a third-party service, you will want to switch the record to :grey: DNS Only so that it is published as a CNAME.

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Thank you - that is helpful. I think the issue was having the records proxied in Cloudflare, so now I’ve turned that off I’m hoping the domain will be verified.

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