Cloudflare Automatically Charges Me


I was adding my credit card information to Cloudflare for a few free features to turn on. I changed my Cloudflare email to a temporary one. And the temp mail does not have my access now.

My mistake is keeping the credit card information on account. Now, automatically, Cloudflare charges me.

Please help me.

It sounds like you have a use-based or subscription service on the account. Can you create a ticket using the account you are using here, mention the email you can no longer access and the name of a website in the account.

You can open an Account ticket here, Please share your ticket number here when you have it.

Using the free version, I cannot create a ticket. However, I have invoice information - maybe it can help you.

Invoice ID: CFUSA8891913
Due on January 16, 2024
Invoice Amount: $4.86

I want to stop all the services, remove the credit card from the Cloudflare account, and not charge any money in the future.

Customers on every plan type can create account, billing and registrar tickets. Steps described on this topic, Charged without invoice - #2

Ticket [ 3106903 ]

Can you respond to the copy of the ticket you received via email, cc the address of the other account and mention that email and a domain associated with that account to ensure the team can locate the proper account?

I do not understand.

You should have received a copy of ticket 3106903 to the account you are using here. Respond via email to that ticket and add the temp email and name of the domain (website) to your reply so that the team can identify the account where you are being charged,

Thank you for responding in that ticket, so our billing team can get this resolved for you.

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