Cloudflare automatically changes MX records every 24 hrs

I’m having an issue where Cloudflare automatically deletes my MX records every 24 hours and replaces them with new ones. I’ve changed them 4 times but Cloudflare keeps changing them back.

I originally had email forwarding set up, but removed that and replaces it with MX records for Google Workspace. Email forwarding was shut off, but every morning I find that Cloudflare deletes my Google Workspace MX records and replaces them with their MX records.

Is there a way to fix this?

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Start by looking at your audit log to see what is making the change.

A common source of unexpected DNS changes is third-party integrations like Ezoic. If you use Ezoic, all DNS changes must occur in their dashboard or the will be overwritten by the values Ezoic has.

I assume that you are following this guide to disable Cloudflare Email Routing and am sharing it here for for convenience.

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