Cloudflare automatically adds 56 bogus DNS entries

I add a domain, and Cloudflare automatically adds 56 bogus DNS entries, and forces me to delete them one at a time. Is there a way to skip the forced DNS bloat that Cloudflare adds to a newly added domain (site)?

For example, I add a site and it has ZERO DNS bloat and I get to add my own.

Out of curiosity, did you happen to have a * wildcard DNS entry?


I did not add any of the DNS.

As you know, Cloudflare tries to “interpret” the DNS (by looking at what is “out there in the cloud”) when a new site is added, and this is what I call “bloat DNS” because I don’t see any way to bypass or omit that.

Here is what Cloudflare added automatically when the site was added. And then to delete these entries, it requires one-at-a-time deletion which will take a lot of time, especially with multiple domains. Anyway, all of this is bogus and not even at the registrar… These are all “NS” entries. I am not asking why it happens, I am asking how to avoid this bloat: