CloudFlare authoritative name servers not responding


The authoritative name servers assigned to me kim and jerome are not responding DNS queries. Do you experience the same?


I just tried a dig command at those servers and they both responded. Granted, it was via my IPv6 connection, but I suspect IPv4 is just as alive.


I have very confused.
I find that kim and jerome do not respond to my direct lookup requests.
e.g. nslookup ----> not respond
If I lookup my own recursive lookup server which looks up, kim responds it and I get the result via my recursive server. I observed it via tcpdump port 53.


Are you having a problem with your site? All signs indicate your name servers are working properly.


nslookup (along with dig and some other tools) asks for the answer recursively by default. Try adding “set norecurse” to the query. not answering queries for some locations

Dear all,

Thank you you guys looking into the matter. The problem went away, miraculously.
The problem started 2017-09-20 around 16:25 GMT and ended 2017-09-21 around 11:30am GMT.

Just if you are interested, here are more details. I put it also at ticket #1412897.

I did lookups on my 2 internet uplinks here in my office and my Azure and AWS cloud which are not related at all, so it should not have been my own network problem.

I could not query Kim and Jerome directly (nslookup or dig), but if I query my recursive DNS in my own network, the recursive DNS servers COULD actually get responses from Kim and Jerome (by tcpdump output). So normal end-user lookups should go as usual.
I tried looking up other Cloudflare name servers in * , e.g. Bob, Ingrid, etc and all NOT responding.

But interestingly, lookup to ns3,4,5,6, ARE NORMAL. I could even lookup my domain names from them!

I could ping Kim and Jerome all the way.

I tried also on-line DNS lookup tools and they all seem to lookup without a problem.

With those contradicting outcomes I could not even tell where the problem may lie.

The problem disappeared now, so I will let it go. This post is just for your reference.

Thanks again for your effort.



Hi I’m really stuck with my DNS & SSL my website was live but with no SSL and now it’s 404 I’m not sure what problem is. Do my nameservers look correct? [image exposed origin IPs removed by Cloudflare Staff]


Get this error page


Site appears to be loading for me at the moment. Are you still experiencing issues accessing the site?


I was just about to update you guys. I’ve fixed it now had the wrong IP address. :upside_down_face: long day!


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made that mistake. That and I once spent 2 hours debugging a problem because I misspelled banana in a CNAME. :crazy_face:


Cloudflare supported replied me that the phenomenan I encountered was due to Cloudflare’s increased security meansure for that period to guard against attacks. Case closed.