Cloudflare at vietnam

Dear Cloudflare Team,

I’m from Vietnam.
Our company is planning to use your service.

Could you please let us know which ISP at Vietnam is your Data Center being located?
We have several WANs in our network (with different ISP), we would like to know that in order to optimize our routing table.

Thank you and best regards!

Perhaps @junade is on the forums and can answer. He wrote the blog post announcing the Cloudflare POPs in Hànội and Hồ Chí Minh City in 2018.


Thank you Michael, I already read that post.

Now 2020, and we would like to know the exactly ISP that Cloudflare is being located, we need to optimize the routing through that ISP’s WAN.

This post says FPT:

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To confirm what sdayman said I just ran some tests with proxies and it seems only FPT (AS18403) was routed to HAN and SGN which are both PoPs in Vietnam

AS135905 and AS45899 (VNPT) -> HKG
AS24086 and AS7552 (Viettel Corporation) -> SIN, HKG
AS45903 (CMC Telecom) -> HKG
AS18403 (FPT) -> HAN and SGN


Thank you everyone, so now we can temporarily determine that Cloudflare is only placing their Data Center at FPT ISP.

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