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*When you tested your domain using the [Cloudflare Diagnostic Center], what were the results?*No results found

*Describe the issue you are having:*My website has been active on Cloudflare since November 2022. But early this year, January 2023 to be precise I had issues with renewing the hosting subscription of my website with my hosting provider because of banking regulations in my country which made my hosting provider remove my subscription including my website files from their server. So on adding my website back to my hosting provider, I was assigned a new nameserver. Afterward, I logged into my Cloudflare dashboard in order to add the Cloudflare previously assigned nameserver to my hosting domain, my website usually goes offline and brings a message that “Website not found…” But when I now revert to the Basic DNS of my domain name provider, my website becomes active online again. My question is, how can Cloudflare assign a new nameserver that will be compatible with my website which is still bearing the domain name on Cloudflare?

What error message or number are you receiving?“Website cannot be found”

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  1. I have read all the previous topics of Nameservers on the Cloudflare community, but I found no solution.

*What is the domain name?*enviromaxgrl

*Was the site working with SSL prior to adding it to Cloudflare?*NO

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Then you need to fix this first. A site needs to load securely on HTTPS, before you use Cloudflare, otherwise the site will break.

Take a look at and Origin certificates if you need a certificate, but your host should actually fix that.

On top of the invalid insecure configuration, you probably also have the wrong IP address on Cloudflare. It’s best to pause Cloudflare for now - Pause Cloudflare · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs - and clarify the entire issue with your host.

Once your host has fixed that and your site loads fine on HTTPS without Cloudflare, you can unpause Cloudflare again.

My website does not load on https now and previously before I joined Cloudflare. It loads on http before I joined Cloudflare and loads on https after I did join Cloudflare before my subscription was removed by my host. I feel the assigned Cloudflare nameservers worked well with the previous Basic DNS of my previous website but couldn’t work with this new website under the same domain name. This is where the problem lies.

Yeah, that’s an issue I am afraid as you have a broken and insecure setup here, and that typically is the reason why sites do not work.

You definitely need to secure the server first before you use Cloudflare.

For a possible address issue, see my previous response, but you really need to fix SSL first.

I get what you were explaining but what you are seeing on the website is the default theme as I am yet to upload the custom theme I intend to use on the website. My domain host provider does not give a secure SSL for free. You need to purchase it from them. So, is it possible for Cloudflare to run their scan on the website which is typical of adding the website anew in order to assign a new Cloudflare nameserver?

In that case I would recommend to switch host as most hosts provide that for free.

As for scanning entries, Cloudflare only does this when you add a site from scratch. You should really follow up on the steps previously mentioned and have SSL fixed as well, as the site is insecure right now.

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