Cloudflare Asking to Replace NSs NOT MINE

I am trying to transfer my domain name to
I have over 40 domains with so I know the transfer procedure.
The domain name is not lucked at the registrar.
The domain name is pointed to my account Cloudflare nameservers.
The domain name is ( )

NS ScreenShot
When Adding the domain name to my Cloudflare account to do the transfer, Cloudflare is asking me to Replace my original Cloudflare account nameservers with NEW Cloudflare’s nameservers THAT DO NOT BELONG TO ME.

Please help with this issue for I do not know why this is happening.

Can you let support know?

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. Please give Support the complete details and link to your Community post and share the ticket number here. If you receive an automatic response that does not help you, please reply and indicate you need more help.

Thank you cloonan I will try to follow up with you.

I posted the 1st support ticket through Get More Help [Cloudflare Support] 1866465 and the rep was very vague ask me to proceed with the transfer but I think there is a problem! Cloudflare is Pulling Server Record, Zones, IP and Replace NSs That is Not Mine.

I reply back but I did not get any reply back about the Zone Records and Server IP THAT DOES NOT BELONG TO ME. I am afraid that I do add the domain and then The NSs, Zone Records and Server IP are not mine.

I proceeded to contact support again [Cloudflare Support] 1867117 and I am still waiting for support again, hopefully I get someone very knowledgeable about this matter and knows how to respond back.

@cloonan I just posted here just take a look, Thanks for the helpful link you gave me for Cloudflare support. I thought there is no support here but still trying with 2 support tickets.

The situation sounds like you have two cloudflare accounts? And that your domain is currently connected to the first, and when transferring-in, you’re asking to set completely different name servers, and that seems to be an indication of a second account.

I am unclear what this means. If you are trying to add a zone to your account, the NS pair you are presented with belong to you. Right now that zone is on Cloudflare under an account which as the following nameservers assigned:

If you have an account with them using those nameservers why are you trying to add the same zone to another account? In adding it to another account of course you are going to get a new nameserver pair… otherwise couldn’t anyone just add a domain to their account and take it over?

If you want to change the account which manages your zone, unless you are an Enterprise customer you need to add the zone to the new account and set the nameservers appropriately after ensuring you have all the records needed in the DNS control panel.

@cs-cf @cloonan @arun
I only have one Cloudflare account which is what I mentioned with these 2 CF NSs
( &

However, CF wants me to replace my CF account NSs with different CF NSs ( &, very strange but they replied.

This is what they said to me quote:

"Yes, it is possible our system might assign the same set of ns for multiple domains for the same Cloudflare account, this is not 100%, our system will automatically assigned new ns when the same set has already been taken previously."

I deal with servers on a daily basis but this situation never happened to me, other registrars.

What do you think should I go ahead and transfer my domain and trust CF Rep? I am just confused.
Thanks Guys

Cloudflare accounts don’t have nameservers. A zone has nameservers assigned to them when it is added to Cloudflare.

Either this zone is/was already active under the first nameserver pair or you have randomly added a nameserver pair you think you should add vs. the pair that are assigned by Cloudflare for the zone in question.

This is not about Cloudflare being a registrar, this is about adding a zone to Cloudflare. You may also want to choose to make Cloudflare your registrar… certainly an option we provide, but it has nothing to do with the nameserver pair assigned to a zone when signing up.

This is an accurate statement.

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