Cloudflare as registrar how do I get to my host?

This I am sure is a really dumb question but I really do struggle understanding DNS!

I have a domain registered with Ionos and a hosting account with Ionos which serves a Joomla site to that domain. I use Will & Beth for a free cloudflare CDN and SSL. Nice!

Cloudflare are offering that I should transfer my domain to them as registrar. No problem with that. BUT I just do not understand how I then ensure that the Joomla site is served when visiting that domain.

Is it all in the DNS records? Do I need a DNS 101 primer?


Hi @Crazyhorse,

Your DNS records point to where the site is hosted, yes. It doesn’t really matter where your domain is registered as long as the nameservers point to where your DNS is hosted (Cloudflare) and the DNS records point to where your site is hosted (Ionos). Just note that if you do move your domain to Cloudflare Registrar, you can’t change the nameservers to point elsewhere, so you need to use Cloudflare’s DNS (as it sounds like you already do).

I hope that helps, and please let us know if you need any more help :slight_smile:

Thanks that is very helpful and I am begining to understand, slowly. Another piece that is puzzling me is that my Ionos hosting account is on a shared server. So on that hosting account in order to associate a website with a domian I point a domain to a directory on that server which contains the joomla site. The ip address of the server on which that site is hosted has many sites so how will it know which one to serve if the DNS A records only points to the IP address of that shared server?. As the domain woulf be registerd on Cloudflare Ionos woing have any conenction between the domain name and teh director containg the joomal site surely. Is it someting to do with the CNAME entry “autodiscover”. Sorry to display my ignorance.

No problem. When a browser makes a request for your website, it includes the name of the website it wants as part of the request, this means the server knows which site to return, even if there are many on the same IP address. There’s a little more to it than that, but that is the basic principle. Ionos don’t manage your DNS currently, as it seems you are using Cloudflare, so them being the registrar doesn’t link to the hosting.

Thanks again, I can understand that with the current set up with CloudFlare provided CDN/SSL and DNS records which point at the host IP address. I assume the name of the domain is also sent to Ionos along with the Server IP (CNAME?). Hence of the many domains on that IP Ionos knows the request is for the one associated with the domain name. However, if CloudFlare are the registrar then all that Ionos has is a directory (with arbitrary name) containing the website. So how does Ionos know, or how do I tell them, that it is the contents of that particular directory which should be served for that domain?

Was my question that dumb?

Sorry, I must have missed your previous reply.

The registrar does not need to be linked to the hosting. The registrar manages the authoritative nameservers which say where your DNS is hosted (Cloudflare) and your DNS records point to the server that your site is hosted on. Many people have three completely separate services for Registrar, DNS and Hosting, they don’t need to be at the same place.

You still configure the website with your host and they usually have a domain name attached to a directory, whether they are the registrar or not should not affect things, especially since your DNS is already hosted at Cloudflare.