Cloudflare as Registrar but Getting "Authoritative Nameservers Set Incorrectly"

A few days ago I transferred two domains from GoDaddy to Cloudflare. The process was straightforward and I had no problems. This morning I check on our website and it can’t be reached. Through some troubleshooting I see that any DNS lookup to my domain is getting NXDOMAIN. Tested from several DNS providers with the same result. Log into my Cloudflare account and domains show active and the registrar page shows them active as well.

I go to the support tab and run the diagnostics. It spits out an error stating “the authoritative nameservers for are set incorrectly.” How can this be the case if Cloudflare is both my registrar and DNS provider?

I also checked WHOIS and it is properly showing Cloudflare as the registrar.

Hi @user3370,

What’s the domain? and (both are seeing the same issue)

It sure looks messed up to me. Can you please open a ticket via email: support AT cloudflare DOT com

and post the ticket # here as soon as you get that autoreply.

I do see some issues in the registration, but if you just transferred them, their registrations should be healthy…but they’re clearly not, as shown in these messages:

Thanks for the input. The support ticket # is 2288664

Ok, it’s been added to the escalation queue.

Thank you.

This may not be important, but please note the email address associated with that account is utilizing the same domain that is currently broken so I am not able to receive emails at that address. I opened the ticket through my personal Cloudflare account.

Hopefully that won’t matter as it’s not really a change. Rather it’s just a kick by Support to fix an internal issue.

I’m sure you’re now re-thinking the email address associated with that account. I use an external email provider/domain for the email address on my account. Lots of people use Gmail for this purpose.

Yep…definitely will be changing that email address :slight_smile:

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I am a member of the Cloudflare support team. I have responded to your ticket, and will follow up with you on there for any updates.


I realize we are using the free tier of Cloudflare with limited support, but I haven’t received any update from my ticket for the past 4 hours. I’m sure this ticket is not any sort of priority, but given that services are hard down due to this issue it would be helpful if there’s an update or indication on when this might be looked at.

I won’t pretend to run any sort of critical stuff at this domain, but given that DNS is broken and the issue appears to be related to the domain transfer that happened 5 days ago, there’s not much I can do to get things working at the moment.

You didn’t see a response from Evan on your ticket?

I received a response from Evan at 1:44pm EST (it’s now 6:15 EST) saying an internal ticket was opened. That’s the only update I’ve seen so far.

I replied to the ticket email at the same time I responded here. Someone else just now wrote back saying they escalated to the registration team with no update at this time. Guess I’ll just have to wait it out…

Sorry to say, but I’ve not seen a registration that ended up this tangled up. Usually it’s just a name server fix, but it looks like the status looks like the registry thinks it’s expired.

I do find it curious that the creation date is practically two years to the day. Was your domain expiring when you initiated the transfer to Cloudflare? I’m betting it hit the expiration date before the transfer completed.

There was 3 days left on the domain prior to the auto-renew through GoDaddy. I was a little concerned too when I saw it can take up to 5 days for the transfer, however I saw the domains disappear from GoDaddy’s web portal and show as successfully transferred in Cloudflare on the same day I initiated the transfer…figured I was good at that point. Everything has been working fine for the past 5 days until earlier today.

Well, now we know how that can go. Support will be able to fix this, but it may take some time since the registry thinks the domain expired.

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Your ticket has been escalated to our Registrar engineering team. They are looking at it right now and I will keep you posted as soon as I get an update.


Is there any way to get an update on this or determine how long this is going to continue? After the previous response of, “they are looking into it right now” I really had hopes that I would at least see an update on the issue by this morning. This clearly is a waiting game at this point, but some sort of timeframe estimate or occasional update would really be helpful given that these 2 domains are completely broken with no workaround (that I know of) right now.

I also replied to the Cloudflare ticket email about 2 hours ago and have not received any update yet.