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I am new here.

It says that I should adjust my DNS servers to those of Cloudfire.I have a question about this.

Can I also register the Cloudfire DNS servers as a glue record with my registrar and then enter my glue record as a DNS server? Because I would like to have my domain as DNS server in the Whois and not others.

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You need a Business plan for that.


I don’t need a business account on Cloudflare for this.
I have to make the GlueRecord at my registration office.
My question is whether I am allowed to record the DNS servers of Cloudflare as GlueRecord or not.

You most certainly need a Business plan, otherwise you cannot use custom nameservers.

Follow the steps in the article if you want to use your own domain.

I do not want to use my own DNS server on Cloudflare, but only with my registrar.

Then that’s a question for your registrar of course. Cloudflare does not control what your registrar does.

As far as Cloudflare is concerned, you can only use the provided nameservers.

I know that my registration office allows this
But when Cloudflare looks at the Whois, only the IP address of you has to be correct, or the DNS server name.

Not sure what your registrar allows, but you can certainly go ahead and do “that” if it is okay with them.

But again, my earlier nameserver statement still stands.

I think I’ll give up Cloudflare.
It sounds too complicated

It was a very simple question.
Can I enter the DNS servers of Cloudflare as GlueRecords and then enter the GlueRecord as DNS.

The answer is equally simple and was provided within a minute :wink:

If you want to use custom nameservers, you need a Business plan, otherwise you can only use the assigned nameservers.

I would also recommend to read more on glue records and what they are used for, as it seems there’s a bit of a confusion as well.

I do not want to personalise my DNS servers on Cloudflare, but ONLY with my registrar as GlueRecord.
So I don’t need a business account on Cloudflare

Where does Cloudflare come in here?

Go ahead and “personalise” whatever you wish, this is not related to Cloudflare. Not sure why you’d do that, but that’s a different topic of course.

I would like to have these DNS servers in the Whois e.g.: dns1 mydomain com and dns2
mydomain com
But behind them are the two Cloudflare DNS servers, which I have registered with my registrar as GLueRecord.

My question was, does Cloudflare support that the DNS servers of Cloudflare are not in the Whois, but are resolved via GlueRecord?

No, Cloudflare does not.


There is another feature of the business plan called CNAME setup. This will allow you to use your own customized nameservers with your registrar, and use Cloudflare to protect the domains/subdomains that you want.

I’ve used it and it works pretty fine. However, you’ll obviously need some external nameservers (the ones provided by your registrar or your self-hosted ones).

Hope it helps!

A CNAME setup won’t help the OP either. He’d still need a Business plan and would need third party nameservers on top of that.

Most reasonable thing is to use the assigned nameservers. If he really insists on vanity nameservers, then it will have to be a Business plan with custom nameservers.


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