CloudFlare as CDN

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Need to implement Cloudflare as CDN. But want to know its policy and pricing. Do we need to only pay for the plan or is there any additional charges for the number of request and data transfer. also want to know the security best practices just want to let you know that I am going to use the S3 as orgin

Cloudflare provides CDN services that are covered within their various pricing plans, which include Free, Pro, Business, and Enterprise. The cost per plan is flat and doesn’t charge for the number of requests or data transfer. However, certain extra features like Argo, Workers, and Rate Limiting are billed based on usage. As for security, Cloudflare offers a range of security measures. When using Amazon S3 as your origin, it’s recommended to secure the S3 bucket to only allow Cloudflare’s IP ranges. Always ensure you follow Cloudflare’s Terms of Service which can be found at Self-Serve Subscription Agreement.

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