Cloudflare as a basic name server for a Wix site? Domain is hosted by GoDaddy

Hi there! I’m hoping someone out there can demystify Wix/Cloudflare compatibility.

First off, my domain registrar is currently GoDaddy and my name servers are on another provider (no GoDaddy). - the key point is my registrar and name servers are not on Wix servers (an issue I see others having in this forum)

My website is hosted on Wix and have a few CNAME records configured to point to my website.

Does this mean all ■■■■ will break loose if change my name servers from my current DNS to Cloudflare?

this help article on Wix is not very specific about what works and doesn’t work:

It would be nice to know if “nothing works” or if I can use Cloudflare at its most basic level, a name server?

ok I think I’ve answered my own question. I notice in the DNS tab, you have the option to bypass Cloudflare for any record.

I just imported my records verbatim and because my CNAME records are URL redirects handled by my old name servers, it’s a non-issue.

If anyone is able to clear up what incompatibility the Wix help article is referring, this would be great so there are no surprises. I tried speaking with someone at Wix over the phone and that didn’t get too far unfortunately - at least the agent has now heard of Cloudflare :slight_smile:

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