Cloudflare Artifacts Affecting Auth0?

In the last year we moved from Cloudflare to Route53 due to a corporate restructure. Recently I discovered that a few subdomain CNAMEs that are pointing to our Auth0 accounts are throwing certificate errors and not making it to Auth0. The certificates in question are Cloudflare SSL certs that seem to have expired in 2020. Auth0 cannot explain the behavior. The DNS entries point directly to an Auth0 domain. This has led me to wonder if, even though our Cloudflare account is completely empty (no websites, no domains registered, no DNS, no firewall rules,) there are artifacts somewhere in the Cloudflare/Auth0 network that is intercepting/routing that traffic to internal Cloudflare pages. How would I be able to get any help with this issue? I’d like my subdomains to route as expected/configured.

Another note - when navigating to the subdomain using https in an incognito window I get a Cloudflare 1001 error.

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