Cloudflare Argo vs CDN Interconnect via GCP Compute

Would like to understand Argo better although the documentation seems all high-level marketing focused - it’s minimal on the technical - the promise of a detail blog post akin to the b4-sigcomm13 paper didn’t materialize, and the traceroute API enterprise only, it’s anyone’s guess how this really works and planning for the benefits…

Without argo?
Let’s take a simple GCP Compute node hosted in an AZ London using premium network tier (just your typical EC2 node). Am I only going to get the BW Alliance - GCP CDN Interconnect bandwidth pricing - if the handover happens on the PNI from GCP network in London from Cloudflare London origin - i.e. UK eyeballs only.

If I enable Argo, will I get GCP CDN Interconnect bandwidth pricing, on ~all traffic (even Australian eyeballs), because the cold potato routing will mean the handover will happen from the Cloudflare London origin always (unless that it is technically being re-routed) ?

Or does using GCP and Premium Network tier remove the need for Argo, since Google will take the traffic on early as possible to their own network when using the premium tier network? (well almost always presume 1:1 mapping where GCP will peer and Cloudflare has origins)

@matt53 So for your first question, Argo would supersede Bandwidth alliance because the Routeing is prioritized based on latency instead of cost.

Our blog post from Speed Week 2019

This goes a little more into details about how it works. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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