Cloudflare Argo Tunnel

Any one else having trouble with (new) Argo tunnel?

I have followed the instructions, cert/credential created successfully, tunnel created with its json file, etc.
However when starting service on Ubuntu machine, it keeps complaining about the dash as an invalid character.

No issues when running cloudflared manually with the same arguments as what’s there in the config.yml.

Please see attached screenshot and thanks in advance for your help.

@faranoosh I’m having the same issue

$ cloudflared --version
cloudflared version 2020.10.2 (built 2020-10-21-1859 UTC)

$ cloudflared tunnel run 1 ↵
INFO[2020-11-05T17:47:02Z] Starting tunnel asDasd-asD-DSAdasd-asd-asd
invalid character ‘-’ in numeric literal

@unboundsolar thanks for commenting and at least it’s not just me! I remember setting up cloudflared service in the past (maybe 6 months ago, and I don’t know the version unfortunately) did not require this tunnel ID. I am guessing whatever change that has gone into the latest build have broken something and hoping CloudFlare fixes it very soon.

Just an update on this:

Seems like version/release 10.0 of the cloudflared binary works as expected and no need to create a tunnel first or even specify one in the config.

I still can’t get the systemctl service to start…

Nov 13 19:35:20 ols-wp-live-1-vm cloudflared[1182363]: INFO[2020-11-13T19:35:20Z] Starting tunnel 8a61…
Nov 13 19:35:20 ols-wp-live-1-vm cloudflared[1182363]: invalid character ‘-’ in numeric literal

Where did you specify the tunnel UUID? in config.yml?

I’m running my own Argo Tunnel too, by creating a new tunnel and specifying the UUID. I don’t have any issues regarding the dash.

This is the version that worked for me and you do not need to specify tunnel in config.yml

I can also see this page now so might be a good idea to give that a try as well.

I assume this is not a wide spread issue and might somehow be related to how we both configured something but could not figure out what!

I will try the package repo installation later this week to see if that works better.

There’s a couple of reasons why Cloudflare did some changes in the Argo Tunnel architecture and specifying a tunnel UUID is the preferred way to run the tunnel: