Cloudflare Argo Tunnel Routing From Asia

Hello CFCOM,

Recently upgraded to Cloudflare Pro Plan where we enabled Argo/Argo Tunnel successfully.
The results are truly impressive for NA & EU countries to reach our website.
But we can say that most visitors are from Asia. Including customers from China.

After upgrade to Argo/Tunnel, I’ve checked on for Beijing, China, it shows that it was routed from SJC ( San Jose ) ? Took 37.614s for full load.
Other Asia countries especially Singapore for example is great, that it was routed within Singapore itself.

Is there any thoughts on why this isn’t routed closely to the mainland ? Thank you

I believe you need to be on the Enterprise plan to have access to Cloudflare’s China PoPs

37 seconds for a full page load seems like an error though, China to SJC is less than a 300ms RTT, so perhaps there is a config error elsewhere

What is the page load times from outside China?

If I were to check using
Majority of it are below 5 seconds except for certain Asian Countries.