Cloudflare Argo tunnel gives 503 errors

I have setup a fresh nginx on ubuntu server with 1 gb ram and when I use dns to connect to wordpress I get 200 code even after loading repeatedly but when I use cloudflared tunnel it gives 503 error and sometimes 200 code when loaded repeatedly. But majority time it gives 503 error

tunnel: 409d21d3-ae8e-41e1-a0a5-037b44a62784
credentials-file: /home/cloudcreatr/.cloudflared/409d21d3-ae8e-41e1-a0a5-037b44a62784.json

protocol: quic
  connectTimeout: 30s

  - hostname:
    service: https://localhost:443
      connectTimeout: 10s
      noTLSVerify: true
  - service: http_status:404
  enabled: true

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Tunnel id is d93c971a-af34-4809-95d5-4ce3dad0605b
And hostname

Since I got started using Cloudflare tunnels two weeks ago (Migrating From Ngrok To Cloudflare Tunnels | Max Cantor) I’ve been having these intermittent issues with 503 errors and no errors showing in cloudflared.

I’ve set both log levels to debug and nothing.

No idea why your reply was flagged @cloudcreatr, it was useful for me. However, I am still getting the intermittent 503s.

If it continuously shows the error then there is some problem if the error is irregular then it’s heavy load