Cloudflare Argo Billing

Hey, super quick question: Is Argo charged according to the (sub)domain its applied to, or the entire domain?

example: -> 200gb total data via cloudflare -> 50gb via cloudflare proxy -> 50gb via cloudflared tunnel (ARGO) ->  50gb via cloudflare access -> 50gb via cloudflare proxy

In the above scenario, can someone please tell me if my Argo bill will be for 200gb(, 100gb(access+argo), or 50gb(argo)?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I searched, but could not find an answer to this exact question!

Argo should apply to the entire zone once you enable it.

Thank you for the information @erictung

So if I want argo for only one service, I need to create a domain just for that service, add it to cloudflare and add argo to that domain?

Do I need a second cloudflare account for this as well?

If you are talking about root domain, yes.
If you are referring to subdomain, no.

When you enable Argo, it will apply to all your subdomains inside the domain.

No need.

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