Cloudflare are Deleting My Domains


A couple months ago, I contacted Cloudflare Support regarding some domains that I couldn’t control using Cloudflare Registrar. The domains were still responding as far as DNS was concerned, so everything else regarding these domains worked perfectly fine.

They openly admitted to it being a bug in their system that caused my domains to malfunction in that part of their service, and after further investigation claimed I did not renew the domains when clearly the public WHOIS record as seen on the registry’s website (Verisign because its .com and .net) says the domains are not due to expire for several months.

Because they cannot find any record of me renewing these domains, and that I do not have any record to provide them as proof (never needed to refer to such a thing in over a decade and a half of managing domains) I only have the public whois record as proof, they have decided to start the deletion process of these domains and have put them in redemption, even though they are STILL IN DATE!!! This stops DNS from working, so domains are currently dead!!!

Now I am furious with Cloudflare for taking these domains away from me, and have started moving all my other domains away from Cloudflare and refuse to continue using their services if this is how they are going to treat a customer due to a bug in THEIR SYSTEM!!!

I highly recommend to not give Cloudflare Registrar control of your domains!

What does everyone think of this situation? We need to pressure Cloudflare into giving me back my domains and to stop them from doing this in the future.

Hi @DavidHunterScot,

I see your previous post about the issues you were having managing some domains, have you had engagement on a support ticket since then? Is #2174937 still the active ticket?

The community can’t see your account and can’t help with this directly, but I’ll put this in the escalation queue for someone who hopefully can.


Thank you for responding. I am aware the community cannot see my account, the purpose of the post is to spread public awareness of this nonsense in the hopes that no one else has to go through this, and to also add pressure to make Cloudflare do the right thing.

A support ticket is still active, however due to how things have went so far by contacting support, I really doubt I am going to get a successful resolution here. Your contribution will help, but not getting my hopes up.

Is it the same number I posted earlier or do you have a new one? If you do, please post that ticket number here so I can add it to my escalation.

My appologies, I meant to confirm that it is the same ticket you mentioned.

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No problem, thank you. I’ll get someone to look at this when they’re next on the community, which will hopefully be today or should be tomorrow if not.

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