Cloudflare Apps work in Preview but not on Live

I’m trying to get Cloudflare’s “Add HTML” app to work on the domain

It works in the preview for the app, but it refuses to work on live. I’ve enabled “Always Online” and proxy on the domain, as per the docs.

I’ve filed a ticket for it as well (2617269) but I haven’t had any response for 7+ days.

How can I diagnose the issue?

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Same exact question with the same exact app.

Trying to add a small line of code through the Add HTML app, it shows correctly in the preview but not on the live site even after changes are saved & confirmed.

Cloudflare Apps is unfortunately pretty much unmaintained and broken in some parts as it stands today. It’s something Cloudflare introduced a very long time ago, but as you’ve found, many of the apps simply do not work today as they’re not something directly maintained by Cloudflare. I don’t believe it was ever officially deprecated, but you can pretty much treat it as such.

I can only recommend you look at alternative solutions unfortunately.

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This was my alternative to editing the HTML in the base site (an older, compiled .NET web app with no modifiable HTML assets).