Cloudflare Apps not Working on My Website. Please Help

Hello There,

I’ve Recently Started Using The Cloudflare Service on my Website
From the Cloudflare App Store, I installed two Apps, “Pace” and “Tweet” .

The Pace app shows a Loading Bar on top of the Page while the Page is Loading and the Tweet app allows the Reader to Tweet any Text from the Website.

The Apps work Perfectly fine in the Preview Section of the Cloudflare website, but they don’t work on the My site when visited through other Devices.

Please provide with an Amicable Solution.

I’m seeing what looks like two apps overlaid on your website. A loading bar at the top, and floating social icons. Are these them?

The Loading bar is the One, the floating social icons are due to some other Plugin.

The Other Tweet App from Cloudflare appears when you select some text from the Body of the Page. Is it visible too ?


I tried visiting my Site through Several Browsers on my PC but unable to see any of the Apps on my Desktop. As you could see from the Screenshot below.

  1. Go to the Cloudflare Dashboard’s Caching section and Purge Cache (Everything).
  2. Clear your browser’s cache.
  3. If it’s still not working, use Developer Tools in your browser to check the Console Log for errors.

Hello sdayman,

I did just that and everything worked fine, but only for a While.

After a few hours, around 2 hours to be precise, I again opened my site on my PC and yet again the Apps seem to have stopped working.

What could be causing this?

I suspect it’s just your PC. Apps generally work as advertised, and it’s working for me. Maybe someone else from the community can confirm one way or another. @MarkMeyer or @domjh.


Sorry for the delay!
I see the loading bar as in @sdayman’s screenshot. Not sure about the tweet one, but on mobile so it may be different.

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The Tweet one pops up if you highlight some text.

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I tried that on mobile and it didn’t for me, I will be back at a desktop shortly and I will try then!

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Same here, i am using Chrome 72


Thank you So Much Guys.
The Apps are working fine on My PC too now.
Don’t know what happened but things are good now.

Thank you so much @sdayman and @domjh