CloudFlare apps don't work on Brave browser

I am working on a Cloudflare app that is specifically for the Brave browser and figured out that no Cloudflare apps are working on the Brave browser. Attached a screenshot.

Brave browser recognizes the script /cdn-cgi/apps/head/VHgJTHpl_sL9Ghs-1d5heej9CAk.js
as a cross-site tracker.

Is there something we can do about this?


Brave is the main @sdayman browser, maybe he can respond better.

Maybe try disabling the content blocker by clicking the lion icon, then turning off shields?
If brave, turn off the privacy / tracking controls.
Do you have any extensions that may be blocking it from loading?
Could you send screenshots of the network/console tabs [CTRL + SHIFT + I]?


Thanks for your answer.

Yes indeed if I turn off the Shield in the brave browser the Cloudflare App is running.

What concerns me is that whatever App I install will not work on Brave browser. So I know that the visitors who have the Brave browser will not see my CloudFlare apps. For example I can install a required by law cookie bar inside CloudFlare but I know that the brave users will not see this bar.

I know I can turn the shield off for myself but I can’t turn it off for the visitors for my website.

Even if I create a really basic app that does not do any external http calls the browser blocks it.