CloudFlare Apps BROKEN!



Apps install fine but trying to edit them after results in a blank settings page, specifily the Add HTML app and many/all others. This is a CloudFlare issue/bug, since the new add your own URL to page list update. Also noticed a missing app (the new back to top button app)??


OS/Browser/Browser Version?


Chrome Win 8.1 PRO, ALL upto date, this is a Cloudflare issue not mine nor my software…


Other users are experiencing this too!


I’ll take at face value the assertion it is a Cloudflare issue, but since it works just fine on my machine (OSX 10.13.3, Chrome Version 65.0.3325.181 (Official Build) (64-bit)) the questions I asked are in fact relevant to understanding the environment in which the error occurs. If we’re unable to reproduce the problem, we’re unlikely to be able ot fix it.

Is that 32 or 64 bit Windows and 32 bit or 64 bit Chrome?


I was curious about this new “add your own URL” feature, so I checked out the only installed app I have: Corner Ribbon. And I checked out CSSInstagram.

Both bring up the Edit screen. My Corner Ribbon had a version upgrade available, so I upgraded it.

I’m on MacOS 10.13.4 running Safari.


Everything is x64, All the previous indexed pages aren’t listed in the install on pages anymore either, just a few top level pages, but at-least we can add URL’s now.



I have problem with this app too. Now I couldn’t change anything.


Update: All seems to be working again! :slightly_smiling_face:


Well that’s disturbing… I’m not sure we’ve made a code change yet. I have notified the developer who manages that picker though. I will chat with her in a bit.

But glad it’s working. :slight_smile:


The browser seems to be causing it, things seem very sluggish, and last night I couldn’t even highlight text, so I suspect it’s actually a bug in Chrome. But did just receive a Dashboard update notice from CloudFlare as well, but either way things are working well, I beleive a few extensions I have are causing the slowness I’m expiercing today. thanks for your help :like:


Hi, this was an issue actually caused from another piece of the code. We submitted a patch and this issue is fixed now.