Cloudflare Apps aren't appearing on my site

Apps that I have installed through Cloudflare don’t appear on my site after purging everything. For reference, the site in question is

What could be causing this error?

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Your site currently isn’t using Cloudflare… well it is one the www site to redirect to the root domain, which isn’t using Cloudflare. In your current configuration (CNAME setup through a partner) you can only use a subdomain as the RFCs around DNS don’t allow for the root domain to be a CNAME.

You could switch to a full setup on Cloudflare or switch to using

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I can’t manage the DNS through Cloudflare because I am hosting my website(s) using SiteGround.

I’ve added the site manually, without using SiteGround’s cPanel; as in I changed my nameservers to Cloudflare’s ones during the setup process. It still doesn’t work.

Hi, I am seeing your zone is now active on Cloudflare. By opening the dev tools in my browser, I see the apps are being injected onto your site:
Are the apps still not working as expected ? If so, could you describe the output you are expecting that is not working as intended?

There might be some issue with your name servers.
Once you have configured the name server provided by CF then it will work.