Cloudflare Apps #666

They work in the previews but knowhere else, will it ever be fixed? The apps will work and show up in the previews and knowhere else, is there no workarounds to get it working on the frontend, the apps work in the preview but not frontend

Cloudflare Apps is unfortunately pretty much unmaintained and broken in some parts as it stands today. It’s something Cloudflare introduced a very long time ago, but as you’ve found, many of the apps simply do not work today as they’re not something directly maintained by Cloudflare. I don’t believe it was ever officially deprecated, but you can pretty much treat it as such.

Many of the apps you find there will have better solutions these days, so if you can share what apps or functionality you’re trying to add to your website, we can provide you with some more specific suggestions.

Better soloutions, doubtful. Only one i can think of is and it’s an expensive monthly rate for use. Apps still work within the preview backend but not the live frontend. Frustraing to see it work within the preview options. many iframe widget websites are dead these days apart from which charge a premium for use

I’m sad to read this! I’ve just finished building our Cloudflare connector and tried to submit our app (a Powr competitor, Promolayer) and the app upload process is totally broken - I can’t even upload an app icon!

I’ve reached out to support about this but reading the above I don’t like my chances of it being fixed, which is a bummer as the app concept and Cloudflare in general are awesome.

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