Cloudflare app issue Error 1014 Ray ID: 685ad8938fbc0ce7

When I use the cloudflare app, CNAME Cross-User Banned appears and I cannot use the corresponding app normally. The server returned 403.

My app is displayed normally on the preview URL. Luke (
The app is PACE.
Should I upgrade my account to make it right?
(Now I have cancelled the domain name resolution, so I added a screenshot of the problem above. )

Hi @ly1944273747,

Normally we would recommend contacting the developer of the app about this, but the support contact is listed as Cloudflare in this case, so I’ll escalate it here.

hello there - do any apps work here or is it just PACE? Are you installing pace on top of a normal origin or something else, like workers or pages?


on pages

Hello, I am using cloudflare pages to deploy my website.