Cloudflare app for Google analytics vs MonsterInsight google analytics

I have simple question about Cloudflare app for Google analytics.
To track my visitors on website, I have installed MonsterInsight plugin for insertion of analytics code. But sometimes this app cause additional queries. So I want to get rid of it.
If I deactivate this plugin and activate Cloudflare analytics apps will it work?
Note that: after deactivation of this plugin analytics code will be removed from site! Does CF analytics apps works using analytics code?
What is best way to activate CF analytics apps?

Cloudflare’s analytics in the Dashboard are independent of anybody else’s analytics.

I think you would be better off manually setting up Google analytics with the analytics code Google tells you to use. Once you have done that, Cloudflare has nothing to do with it, as the analytics are triggered by the user’s browser.


i think he is talking about google analytics apps for Cloudflare. Cloudflare app for GA works gr8. Just need to remove any plugin for GA in wordpress otherwise data is be double counted.

Actually what I wanted to ask is:
Will Cloudflare GA works without inserting code provided by Google?
I think it won’t .

You do not need to insert any code if you are using Cloudflare GA app. It will be done automatically on each page. (You need to remove your own code of GA though)

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Thank you very much.

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