Cloudflare App error when clicking "install on all pages"

Our app is approved, but when we click the “Install on all pages” button to test it on a site, we get the following error and we don’t understand why:

An error occurred while trying to install the app: DNS Validation Error.

As far as I can tell, all our domains resolve just fine so this is mysterious. Looking for any guidance/assistance we can get.

@MoreHelp We are not seeing any movement on this ticket. Please assist!

Please post the ticket # so we can escalate.

@sdayman This ticket #? 342057

Got it. I’ve added the ticket # to the escalation queue.

Hi @scott73 sorry for the issues you are facing. I’m afraid I was unable able to find the ticket you have created. Can you please email [email protected] and share the ticket number with us here?

@sdayman @SarahA

Ah, okay. I was confused.

The ticket # from email is: 2334073

@scott73 I am currently looking into this ticket now. Will update the ticket once i am done with the investigation.

Because the previous ticket was closed. I have opened a follow-up ticket here - 2347765

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Thank you, @tobi. I responded to that ticket directly but I’m also pinging you here to let you know I followed up.

Just FYI – we are trying to get our own Cloudflare app to work on a test site and we are seeing the DNS error after clicking “install on all pages.” I listed the steps to reproduce in #2347765.

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