Cloudflare APO works with bad TTFB

Site Url:

So, Cloudflare APO is working for my site, I can tell because the following headers are present:

CF-cache-status: HIT
CF-edge-cache: cache,platform=wordpress

But the problem is, despite that it is a HIT the TTFB is bad! I have other sites using Cloudflare APO and they don’t have the same problem.

Here’s the image:

From those headers, I see a HIT, but no Age header. This tells me you’re using Tiered Caching, and London (LHR) had to fetch the cached content from an upper tier, and that’s what’s taking the extra time.

I was doing a similar test yesterday, and Frankfurt (FRA) took a bajillion tries (slight exaggeration) before it was consistently getting HITs with the Age header. All other locations populated local cache much sooner.

I had pretty good luck with cache in LAX. First was a HIT with no Age header at about the same TTFB as yours, but after that, it was served from local LAX cache and much faster:

In real-world use, if your site is popular enough in a certain location, it won’t take long before all users there get similar results.

Since you’re an Aussie business, cache behavior in London shouldn’t be a concern, and your local visitors should see results similar to my LAX test.

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I’m using tiered cache on other sites too and they don’t have the same problem. In fact, activating tiered cache makes the global ttfb even better for that site. And also disabling tiered cache doesn’t improve ttfb globally either.