Cloudflare APO with live continuously updated content?

Hi - interested in using the new APO service for wordpress on a big clunky site to speed it up, but have one concern.

I know regular dynamic content updates thanks to the CF plugin, but what about something like a live pricing feed?

I ask as we have a precious metals price ticker on the top of all our pages which updates about 18 prices every 5 minutes - it gets this feed as a JSON from another site (via a CRON on ours) and is then stored in my WP database, and this happens inside the wordpress functions.php file.

With APO - will the price feed update across all pages every 5 minutes or will it display whatever the price was on any given page when it was cached?

If not, is there something I can wrap code in, to not be cached and get JUST THAT bit, from my server?

I’ve not been able to find the answer anywhere else so thanks in advance!!

I think what you’re looking for is Edge Side Includes (ESI tag). It’s not something I’ve tried yet, but I was reading about it just yesterday and it sounds interesting.

Some info here:

Which leads to a longer guide about ESI and using Cloudflare workers:

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Thank you - that looks to be what we need!

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