Cloudflare APO Plugin *Critical Error*

Hey Folks,
As the WP Plugin Support doesn’t seem to be available so I am creating the thread here because this issue is very critical for people using the official Cloudflare Plugin and having APO enabled.

After updating to the latest version which is 4.8.0, the plugin isn’t purging the Cloudflare Cache whenever we update the articles/pages content. At the front end, it’s the old stale content being served from the Cloudflare servers.

Edit: The latest Plugin Update with Version 4.8.1 has resolved this issue.

Not using APO myself, but follow it’s development closely. Wordpress plugin update recently changed how it handled purges see More efficient cache purge by jacobbednarz · Pull Request #454 · cloudflare/Cloudflare-WordPress · GitHub

Looks like they skip APO enabled purges?

Secondly, we ensure the zone doesn’t have APO enabled. APO is a feature that
relies on custom purge logic we don’t want to duplicate here so just skip it if
it exists.


Only purge cachable file extensions unless we find hints in page rules or APO
is enabled

By default, caching within Cloudflare is restricted to a handful of file
extensions. However, within the plugin, we just pass it all the
cache purge irrespective of the file extension or zone configuration. This
means we’re sending a boat load more URLs to the service than what we will
never be purging.

Might be related.

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Thanks for your input, buddy. I expected a quick resolution from Cloudflare Team when the issue is so critical and affects a lot of paid users. But they haven’t even responded properly despite the issue raised more than 30 hours ago.

@yevgen might be the one to contact.

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Seems to be the same problem as Woocommerce Product Prices not changing Properly - #11 by M4rt1n

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Can confirm, I’m having the same exact issue. I opened a ticket two days ago, but no response thus far. I’m on 4.7 until a resolution comes in.

The latest Plugin Update with Version 4.8.1 has resolved this issue.

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