Cloudflare APO on Live and Staging site

Hi there,

We have a Live and a Staging version of a site/ The Staging version has a new theme but mostly the same plugins, including the Cloudflare one.

We’re looking to publish the staging site over the live one in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime we are experimenting with adding Cloudflare APO. We enabled via the Cloudflare dashboard in the portal (via a browser). When we did this, the APO section of the plugin on the Live site automatically turned green for “on”. However, the Cloudflare plugin on the Staging site remained “off”.

When testing, I can clearly see we’re getting better TTFB results on the Live version, but the same old results on the Staging site.

My question is: Should I go into the Staging site and manually change APO to “on”? Will this conflict with the Live site in any way if I do this? I’m only asking as I assumed that BOTH Live and Staging plugins would change to green after I changed the setting in the CF portal (browser).

Many thanks in advance

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