Cloudflare APO Not Working

I have purchased cloudflare APO and enabled it on my site. But I could not get it work. I can not see cache control heaer of APO , niether speed of my website increased.

Here is my website url

It’s on hostinger and running on litespeed .


I’ve took the liberty to go to UpTrends, as recommended in the APO documentation and seems that headers are correct.

Kindly check and run the same test.


APO is working fine.

Your homepage loads 169 subrequests, only 33 of them are served out of your domain. Most of the rest are related to analytics and ads and are served by third-party domains, which are not subject to caching by APO.

You need to review your WordPress installation and see if you can reduce the number of third-party requests that are needed for your site to function properly.

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