Cloudflare APO not showing newly published posts

Cloudflare APO is not showing new posts across my site. When I publish a new post it shows on the homepage but not other pages where it should like other article pages. It does this pretty consistently on mobile and then sometimes on a desktop browser. I can force it with crtl - f5 on the desktop though.

If I manually purge all the Cloudflare cache it works but that’s not ideal through. I am using the cloud plugin and have Cloudflare APO turned on. Any ideas?

Here is the ticket I opened with support. 2201931

Any thoughts?

Have you explored these options to customize the cache for your specific need in this case?

Customizing Cloudflare’s cache
Understanding Origin Cache-Control

I see the article appears if I follow the refresh instructions from the ticket. Did you check if Cache TTL is set for “Respect existing headers”?

It is set to respect existing headers. One thing I thought about as well is I’m running the server in litespeed with the litespeed caching plugin. Normally the litespeed caching plugin would clear all the cache perfectly on the site when a new post is publish. With APO running and the cloudflare plugin also installed Cloudflare only clears the homepage. Turn APO off and it works fine with litespeed cache. I guess APO isn’t seeing that litespeed cleared the cache correctly.


This is definitely a problem I’ve noticed. The APO cache is a little too sticky. Patrick Meenan’s original helper plugin for what eventually became “APO” used to clear the KV cache on specific posts and pages when they were saved. The official CloudFlare has the code to do the same, but doesn’t appear to be working properly. (Hooks.php in cloudflare/trunk/src/WordPress – WordPress Plugin Repository)

In my own testing with WP Rocket, the original helper plugin and workers script will purge the CF cache when a page is updated, but the Cloudflare plugin and APO might not.

If you need pages to reflect new content, you might have to manually purge the APO cache every time for now.

Thanks. I’ve since turned off Cloudflare APO until the cache purging issue gets fixed. I can’t have a situation where only the homepage cache is cleared when new post is published and then having to purge all the Cloudflare cache to fix it.

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