Cloudflare APO not caching WP YT Lyte local thumbnails


yesterday I installed WP YouTube Lyte and I really like it!

Working on performance, I enabled thumbnails local caching.

The issue is that Cloudflare (APO) is not caching them at all (cf-cache-status: BYPASS).

Inside this page:

you can find four of them, this is an example:

Any chance of how Cloudflare could cache properly these images?

Thanks for any support.

I’m unable to replicate this. And your example image got absorbed into the forum software’s local image storage. If you’d like us to test that image, post the URL as preformatted </> text.

I updated the cache in the meanwhile. Tried to post correctly

The page URL is still:

The five thumbnails are:

Thanks !

Those URLs are .php with a query string. I bet it’s BYPASS because APO does this when there’s a query string on .php

Could I solve the problem with a rule in your opinion?

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