Cloudflare APO, no updates after posting

Hi, I have 4 sites on Cloudflare APO, none of them are updated anymore after being updated with new content.

“Auto Purge Content On Update” in on… what can the problem be?

I am not using wp-rocket or any other caching plugins.


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Are you using the Wordpress plugin, it says to disable it.

I disabeld the plugin, still no luck, all 4 sites showing cached content from yesterday.

Same here, cache is not purged since yesterday

(2 sites with APO on Pro plan : 1 with plugin 4.11.0, 1 with 4.10.1)

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We are also facing similar issues. Below are the thread.

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Could you please open a ticket with us and share the ticket number in here? Please include 2 HAR files, one before updating content, and one after you have updated a specifc URL, so we can look into this.
Thank you!

Ticket #2530643

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I have experienced the same error. But no solution. So, I decided to cancel the APO plan. If you have found solution, please share it here.

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