Cloudflare APO Mobile Cache is not Purging

Hello There, I have recently got my hands on APO by Cloudflare on our websites ( but we have noticed that the CACHE is not automatically purging after our new publish, edits or removals.

We have even tried using the “Auto Purge Content On Update” but that is also only working for Desktop but not for our mobile version of the website.

We are on LiteServer and using their cache plugins but APO is taking full charge and don’t let another plugin purge cache as soon as we edit or publish any new update on the website.

Basically, the issue is with the Mobile Purge. And if we uncheck the “Cache by Device Type” then our Mobile version is converting to the desktop version on the mobile devices.

So We are looking for some way or solution why which our both DESKTOP + Mobile Version gets automatically purged as soon we publish, edit new content.


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I think you’re experiencing this issue:

Keep an eye on that for further updates.

Yes But when will we expect a update on this?

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