Cloudflare APO, Kinsta and Autoptimize Caching Issues

We are having a recurring issue with the site not loading correctly - in particular the CSS stylesheet generated by Autoptimize.

The Wordpress site has Cloudflare APO enabled, is hosted on Kinsta so also uses their Cache and then we use Autoptimize to optimize and aggregate the CSS and JS.

In the last few days we’ve had multiple user reports and have noticed ourselves that the cache is often trying to fetch an outdated stylesheet from Autoptimize.

We can manually clear each cache, but I don’t believe we’re the only ones having the problem based on looking on this forum and wondered if anyone had a fix for this.

APO has been great for TTFB but when combined with other caching it seems to create issues.

Please contact Customer support so we can look into the case, ideally with the steps to reproduce the issue.

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