Cloudflare APO in Siteground?

Im currently using the siteground caching and their wordpress SG Optimizer plugin, Im wondering if Cloudlfare APO will give me bigger speed gains for my 2000 product ecommerce store. Given that Cloudflare has a partnership with siteground, is there any plans to integrate Cloudflare APO with Siteground soon? Should I try and disable my current cloudflare and siteground cache set up and give APO a go?

Only you can test and compare your own setup, though other members of this community may have already had a similar experience and thus be able to provide you with more specific feedback. But since every website is unique in its combination of server config, caching config, WordPress plugins etc, it will be hardly worth it to take someone else’s word on APO when you can test it yourself.

Cloudflare has partnership with dozens if not hundreds of hosting providers. I doubt it has plans to integrate its own product with anyone else’s optimization plugin.

My suggestion is that you register another domain, make a partial copy of your website (with similar configuration and products and perhaps a few dummy clients) and test it under APO to see how much speed gain it may offer you before you commit to a full migration.


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