Cloudflare APO enable


when I enabling wordpress Cloudflare plugin with the APO, and other cached plugin for e.g. WP Super Cache, WP fastest Cache to create any conflicts issue?

If it’s not on this list then it’s unlikely:

Thank you for your reply,

Ok, my plugin is not on listed.
I’ve still need to install any cache plugin?, when already setup on Cloudflare plugin with the APO.

Unless you have a specific need, I’d let APO handle it - otherwise you’ll run into double cache issues and two places to purge cache, etc

Thank you so much.

As @KianNH mentioned, APO is a rather good service on its own.

However, you may want to also look at back-end object caching with something like Memcached or Redis though. While I use Object Cache Pro myself, there’s a free WordPress plugin (Redis Object Cache) as well.

Both are on the APO plugin compatibility list.

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