Cloudflare APO duplicate redirects

Hello guys,

My website has duplicate redirects HTTPS redirects on all pages other than the homepage. This happens when I have Cloudflare APO running.

Once I deactivate it, these redirects stop happening. How can I fix this?

This causes my website to have a crazy TTFB of almost 900ms in that second HTTPS redirect originating from Cloudflare APO.

How can I fix this?


So, you are testing:
which WordPress redirects to
which is the canonical URL for that page.

As for the home page, there’s no such redirection as WordPress understands that
is the same as

I can’t tell you why APO takes so long to perform the redirect.

The redirect is performed by WordPress to fix the URL you input in your browser. Presumably, site visitors will (almost) never type in the URL in the browser, they will click on links that Google, social networks, and other sources will offer them, and these are supposed to be the canonical version (with the trailing slash).

In other words, while you can open a ticket to report the slowness to APO engineers so that they investigate why it’s taking so long to redirect, it comes down to an issue that only you as site administrator will face while testing. Users should (almost) never see this redirect.

Your two examples are not the same. You omitted the trailing slash on your homepage check.

At this time, your site is not on Cloudflare, so we can not test its redirect performance.

% dig +short NS
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Sorry about that. I’m looking for the best solution for my website. I have since switched back to APO.

You can check and advise.

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