CloudFlare APO compatible with Varnish?

Hi all,

I wanted to understand if Cloudflare APO is compatible with Varnish enabled?

We are based on Cloudways High Frequency Vultr server with a wordpress/woocommerce website.
We have enabled APO with html, css, js minified and we don’t use any other caching plugin.

Does it make sense to enable Varnish? Is it compatible with APO meaning would they interfere with each other? I searched around the forum but couldn’t find specific answer about this.

WIll appreciate any feedback.

Thank you!

I’d give it a try without Varnish first. As Varnish is server-side caching, you’d end up with layered caching which can interfere with each other by being out of sync.

If you use both, you may have to lower each one’s cache expiration to better ensure they’re in sync.


Thank you so much for the response!

Yes, I had APO enabled for a couple of days and once I activated Varnish I didn’t see any difference via GTMetrix - I’m not sure it will actually be visible there.

For the moment I deactivated Varnish to be on the safe side, CloudFlare APO is just amazing anyways.

Thank you for clearing it a bit for me.


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