Cloudflare APO Causing Issue Where Dropdown Choices "Expire"


I have been having an issue for some time that I have diagnosed as being caused somehow by the APO feature on my Wordpress website.
In essence, the issue is that I have a category dropdown for a search function of a directory feature that works for a day or two but then when trying to use the feature, it says there is an issue and the only way to bring back the dropdown to work, the cache must be cleared. I know this is an APO issue as I have an identical site with the same plugins/features that when I disabled APO, the dropdown feature has started working again with no issue.
An imporant detail is that I am using the WPRocket plaugin on this site too which I know may cause some issues.
All that said, is there a fix for this so that I can continue getting the benefit of APO without having to manually clear the cache of my site every day or two to ensure that the dropdown feature continually works?
Thank you for any assistance.

Hi @user9505

Try and create a caching rule in your Cloudflare account dashboard, where you bypass cache on the url holding the search function.


Thank you. I will attempt to create such rules, but is there another way to resolve this issue?
In other words, why is the APO feature causing the category field options in the search functionality to malfunction after a certain period of time?
Thank you.

As an update, I did the cache bypass on the intended page to no effect. This seems to be an issue that is somehow being caused by the APO feature, as I have identical sites that have the Cloudflare cache, and the search category dropdown works fine. Further, on those same sites, only when APO was removed did the category/search functionality start operating correctly. Any insight as to how I can still use APO while gaining back proper functionality?
Thank you.

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