Cloudflare APO - Cache not purged on sub-page


I’m using CF APO on WordPress with CF plugin, when the page is split using Page-Links <!--nextpage-->, the APO cache only purge the first page, sub-page is not purge.

Page-links is a function of WP core: Styling Page-Links « WordPress Codex

Is this a bug please?

I wouldn’t call it a bug. I believe that APO relies on WordPress to tell it which pages need to be purged. I could be wrong. It’d be worth opening a ticket to let them know: support AT cloudflare DOT com. Be sure to provide a link to this thread and to the affected page/post on your site.

You might want to report this on the Cloudflare WordPress plug-in Github page. However the plug-in seems to be very sparsely maintained.

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