Cloudflare APO Cache dynamic content of woocommerce

It’s written in the documentation that apo cache dynamic content so will it also cache woocommerce store pages like account, cart, checkout

Will it help increase speed of a woocommerce store? What about user logged in

which document?


I do not believe Cloudflare APO caches the checkout but I may be wrong here. Cloudflare APO by default sits on the EDGE for 30 days. There was a list somewhere of what cloudflare exempts, I cannot find it right now since I am on a mobile and its a pain, but I think woo commerce checkout was on it, the page showed the tags which cloudflare bypasses.

Overall, it should help increase TTFB with loading instantly other resources I am not sure never use WOO, someone else may be able to tell you.

You can also you can other plugins to help speed up woo, to work with APO. Redis Object cache may help.

But will it speed up woocommerce

Assuming that APO will not cache cart, checkout, account page. Will it also bypass cache when the user is logged in and visit the product page or contact page.

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